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Master Plans

Whether its an office complex, park, playground or personal residence, starting with the right plan makes all of the difference.  We will work with you to understand your needs and put our expertise to work. Our master plans  include a scale drawing of the site, plant and material selections as well as lighting, water and design features as appropriate.

Water Features and Rain Gardens

The sound of water soothes the soul, we can help you design water features into your landscape. Understanding how to manage water run off on your site is also vitally important.  We can help find a water solution that is right for you.  

Outdoor Lighting Design

Nothing can help accent a beautiful landscape like well placed and purposeful lighting.  We will work with you to ensure not only a beautiful lighting arrangement, but also help you understand the energy usage and long term maintenance.  We design and install new low voltage LED lighting systems to lower power usage and decrease maintenance costs.

Walkways and Driveways

Let us help you explore the many options that exist for sprucing up your driveway or walkway.  We can help you determine traffic patterns that work well for you. Our extensive knowledge of pavers, and other  materials can turn any driveway or walk into a signature feature of the home.  A properly designed entrance to your home  says "welcome" to your guests.

Patios, Living Spaces, Outdoor Kitchens, Fire Pits

Are you looking to extend your living space without building on?  Outdoor patios and living spaces can not only give you that space, but also enhance the value of your property.  Let us work with you to understand your needs and find the best design to fit your house.

 Shade Gardens and Play Areas

Established yards often have large shade trees and that requires a design that takes shade and root competition into account.  Play areas are another feature we can help you with, natural play areas work well into the landscape design.

Bill Malone

Senior Landscape Designer

B.A. Ornamental Horticulture and Design

University of Illinois 


Over 40 years of landscape and garden industry experience.

Longtime supporter of Champaign-Urbana Community

Past President of Champaign Rotary Club 2011-12

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