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Landscape Lighting for Atmosphere and Security

LED wall lights are only .75 watts each

Landscape lighting has changed drastically since the introduction of LED lights for use outdoors. They are now available in different color temperatures and are able to light your yard with very low power usage. The LED wall lights in the above picture only use .75 watts each. That means the 6 lights that you can see in the above picture use less that 5 watts. The Color we used on this project was a 2700K which is very close to the soft lighting of the older incandescent lights that would have used 120 watts for the same area.

Path lights like the ones pictured below use only 4.3 watts compare to older lighting that used 15-30 watts each. The new lights will do not need to be replaced for at least 10 years.

Since all of this lighting is low voltage, there is no danger of anyone being hurt if wires are accidentally cut and these new light operate at on voltage from 9 volts to 16 volts without any discernable difference in light output so wiring is much easier to acheive compared to the older systems that had to account for voltage drop on longer runs. Transformers can be much smaller also as you don't need as much power as the old systems

Outdoor lighting provides a great atmosphere and extends the time for enjoying your yard, Lighting steps and pathways also adds to the safety of your yard and lighting is a proven element to increase security.

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