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Winter 2023-2024: Time to Plan for Snow Removal

As fall trudges on, snow removal services are being planned for the 2023-24 season. Because of escalating expenses nationwide, a non-refundable retainer fee is required for snow removal services as was done last year. This covers insurance costs, parts for repairs, supplies for maintenance, employee pay for preparations, and to be on-call throughout the winter months. Trucks used during our lawncare season are also used for snow removal. With wear & tear incurred from the regular growing season, additional maintenance & service is required to prepare them.

The retainer fee is based on the 2–4-inch pricing (a two-snow fee). For example: if a driveway is $40/snow event in the 2-4-inch range, $80 is charged to secure services. When a snow event does occur, the retainer paid WILL be applied as a credit to billing for snow services only. Any unused retainer paid at the end of the winter season is non-refundable. When the retainer fee is received, the snow service agreement will be in effect from the date of receipt through April 15th, 2024. Pricing will be the same as last year with no increase.

**Here are the snow condition guidelines for services provided**:

· The retainer fee is paid on the account to secure service PRIOR to the first snow event.

· A 2-inch minimum of snow has fallen unless another arrangement has been made (I.e., a 4-inch trigger is in place instead of a 2-inch trigger, etc.)

· Once the “bulk” of any snow event has passed, crews will go out to clear properties to avoid additional return visits at the expense of the property owner unless PRIOR arrangements have been made.

· Sidewalk clearing and Ice Melt Salt is NOT included in the snow removal pricing. It is the responsibility of the property owner. However, these services are available at an additional charge. These should be arranged PRIOR to the first snow event.

· Snow Drifting: If less than 2 inches of snow has fallen but your property is experiencing drifting, please call (217) 356-7132, Ext. 1, for cleanup, if needed. Leave a message if there’s no answer. If drifting occurs AFTER a plowing service and a return service is needed, an additional charge will be added to the invoice. Again, please call if this is necessary.

**Thank you for the opportunity to partner with you & for your business!**

~Ludwig Bros., Inc. Office Staff~


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